This is not what Rosa Parks fought for.

fair and lovely, lovely and fair
a magical elixir
selling itself as a boon
to hardfaced queens of misfortune
killing the dark skin
nurturing a whole new white
which is celebrated by men and women alike
no one questions the plight
of little girls, born with a color as dark
as that of the black clouds
pouring rain from their eyes
when they see themselves in mirror
discriminated, neglected by
the society which creates and nourishes
skin whitening brands in its womb
spreading threat to all those
who fail to follow the rule
that is if you’re pale and white
then only you can charm and entice
the men who are blindfolded
and brainwashed into believing
that white is good, black is evil
so all these darkfaced queens,
fueled by the world, go onto hating
the god given gift of beauty that have.


[Fair and lovely is a cream sold in India popular for its skin whitening effects.]

9 thoughts on “This is not what Rosa Parks fought for.

  1. I am speechless.
    I knew that some girls with black skin don’t like their skin color, but I did not expect that they really change their color. Why are they told that black colour is bad? It isn’t.
    It’s beautiful.

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